PixAir Aerial Services

PixAir offers the most advanced aerial video, film and photography services. Equipped with the best remote control aerial technology currently available, we provide the next level of camera mobility and the freedom to put a camera anywhere, any time and shoot at just about any angle. Based in Durban, South Africa we offer a comprehensive list of aerial services.

Should budget allow it, we can fully customise our heavy-lift drone to a myriad of camera configurations. Our base unit includes state-of-the-art high tech features including guided GPS system, fully stabilized 360 pan, tilt and roll camera mounts, wireless video feeds. Whether you require professional photographic stills, standard HD video or cinema productions let us help you tell your story like never before, quickly and affordably.

Our growing range of international Aerial film, video and photography includes:

+ Feature films.
+ Television commercials.
+ Sports events.
+ Civil Engineering Projects.
+ The Mining Industry.
+ Film Production Companies.
+ Estate Developments.
+ All Engineering Firms.
+ Events.
+ Factory shoots.
+ Farming Industries.
+ Broadcasting Projects.
+ Hotel & Hospitality Industries.
+ Government Departments.
+ NGO’s etc.

Video Production Services

PixAir is a division of both Halo Media and FishNET Advertising. We have a full in-house editing suite and can help you reach out to your customers, find your audience, and communicate your message effectively to your target market within budget and on time!

Our services include:

+ Television commercials.
+ Corporate DVD’s.
+ Instructional videos.
+ Films.
+ Documentaries.
+ Online videos.
+ DVD Menu Authoring.
+ Safety Videos.
+ Covering special events like grand openings.
+ Expos. + etc.