Karlien van Jaarsveld’s Music Video

In early May 2013 we were asked to travel to the middle of nowhere (as usual) in one of the many spectacular locations on offer in South Africa to shoot the aerial footage for Karlien van Jaarsveld’s new music video “Hande.” The video debuted on SABC’s premier magazine program Top Billing.

Karlien is the older sister of the well known artist, Bobby van Jaarsveld and is one of South Africa’s top selling artists in her own right. The project was managed by Jenny Griesel and her fantastic team from Johan Vorster Songs.

From the word go we just seemed to hit a synergy with the team which was vital to overcome the massive logistical hurdles involved in a shoot like this. One of the hurdles was that Morpheus (Our High-End Drone) couldn’t fit into the little aeroplane that was used to fly us into the remote location.

As a result Seko, one of the drivers, met us in Johannesburg, packed our drone onto his trailer (carefully) and drove through the night to meet us at the airport the following day! We then travelled 3 hours outside Upington and stepped into one of the most extreme and remotely beautiful places in South Africa.

We all came to the conclusion that everyone who lived here didn’t really decide to live there, but was agreed that people just got lost on one of their adventures and ended up there.

The weather was kind to us and even though one of the day’s had a stiff breeze we were able to shoot some great footage on a limited budget. Out here in the wide open spaces everything seems to be put into perspective. We truly are a tiny spec in this universe and what a beautiful spec it is.

Time seems to stand still and in the middle of our busy lives we get a small glimpse into the things that really count in life. We are so busy running on the treadmill that we forget that there are places in this life that still make sense. That there are still good people out there proud of their craft, love what they do and make an honest day’s living. On this shoot we were privileged enough to spend time with such people in such a place.

It never ceases to amaze us how many shots we can squeeze into a short space of time and achieve footage that jibs, dolly’s or traditional helicopters just simply can’t, and all at a fraction of the time, effort and cost!


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