PixAir Aerial Video Work 2014

Showreel July 2013

Lift Off.

Our dream of adding the best aerial video, film and photography to our services is now a reality.

We searched high and low to find someone in South Africa who offered the kind of quality we were looking for within reach and budget. The shaky footage coming off some of the cheap drones seemed acceptable for some, but we refused to make this the only option for our clients. We finally gave up the search and decided that we had the skills and drive to offer this service in-house.

So after 6 months of intensive research we found a base model that provided us with the kind of quality we were looking for. After another lengthy customisation process…da naa naa naaah, Morpheus was born.

Both Sebastian and Hayes are qualified Graphic Designers and with an eye for detail, the skills set and now the right equipment deliver the very best results at a fair price.

360 Aerial Pans

Video Capabilities 01

Video Capabilities 02

Build & Customisation

Company Profile

PixAir is a South African company specialising in high end professional aerial photography, film and video work at affordable rates. Each project involves both a cameraman and pilot dedicated to deliver breathtakingly beautiful scenes and imagery.

We provide aerial film, video and photography to just about every type of company, event or organisation including Sports events, Civil Engineering, Mining Industry, Film Companies, Estate Developments, Engineering Firms, Event Companies, Factories, Farming Industry, Broadcasting Houses, Hospitality Industry, Government Departments, NGO’s etc.

Still Photography Gallery 01

PixAir Facebook Page

Some say it’s a complete time-waster  and that it develops crab like thumbs. All we know is it’s called facebook!

No matter how you look at it or whether you love it or hate it, facebook has over 1 billion users worldwide as of October 2012. Something that size just can’t be ignored.

We have put together our facebook page where we will post pics, videos and generally keep you up to speed with whats happening from the PixAir hanger. Click here to get the inside scoop.

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